Game Design And Other Works

Pierce the Dark is a horror roguelike with a focus on careful skill-based play. It features procedurally generated levels and places a focus on emergent scenarios that arise from the interactions between the various traps and enemies in the game.

Treevolution is a turn-based strategy game that has players explore a diverse world and create their own unique ecosystem that will dynamically adapt to the changing terrains all in the goal of awakening the old gods.

We Love Nuclear Armageddon is a satirical strategy game about interplanetary nuclear war. Playable in both local multiplayer and single-player matches on your mobile device, players take turns constructing buildings, launching missiles, and deploying shields in a bid to destroy each other. It reduces the strategy game down to its basics, emphasizing positioning over resource management across dense, quick matches. It's a bite-sized, stylized, tactical game, blending the looming threat of nuclear war with the cheerful anxieties of 1950's America to provide players with an arcade-style experience unique within the competitive strategy market.